Music carries us into places and ways we are being formed, where we reach for the far side of the moon, and our ken beyond the curve of time - where our bones clatter the memory of primal fire. We reach for something that reaches for us. We know we are more than we seem - a part of the endless muscle of creativity, a tumbler of things unfinished.

This music pulls us to where waters run. . . seep. . . pool. . . We need these songs if we are ever to rudder ourselves through the narrows to a deeper understanding of who we are as planetary and cosmic beings, intent on the wellbeing of the community of life of which we are inextricably a part.


21     Atlantic New England ~ Franklin MA

Carolyn McDade and Friends invite the community to sing the music from this new release ~ songs giving us an emotional entry into the profound wisdom of the Earth Charter and songs that pull us beyond the curve of time to establish our grounding in the community of life

25     Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

26     Regina, Saskatchewan

28     Winnipeg, Manitoba


3     Calgary, Alberta

3     Haliburton, Ontario Outloud Womyn's Voices Chorus

4     Edmonton Alberta

9     Great Lakes Basin ~ Detroit

10     Great Lakes Basin ~ Windsor

16     Halifax NS

18     Charlottetown, PEI

24     North Vancouver, BC

25     Victoria, Vancouver Island


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