My Heart is Moved Project. . . ~ music that guides us through the narrows to a deeper understanding of who we are as planetary and cosmic beings.

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Women gathered locally in 10 regions of North America during the seasons 2006-2007 to sing, reflect, and live into a body of music. This music has been shaped collaboratively in word and sound by beloved artists amongst us. Songs written by Carolyn McDade, Norma Luccock and Nancy Nordlie have been given instrumental voice by exquisite musicians.

Sacred River My Heart is Moved is the name of the body of music that we are coming to know, and that is coming to know us. Its poetry and music arise from the energies of Creation, Earth, Universe, in conversation with the Earth Charter.

Singing these songs the clay of our hearts is thrown on the wheel and we find our lives different than before, reshaped and turned in new ways.

Singing these songs places us in the torrential sacred river of transformation.

Singing these love songs to Earth and Life, takes us as a human species, toward another place, deeper than before, in our relationships with one another, Earth and all Beings.

And so we sing and in singing we are changed ~ forever changing, and pulled toward who we long to be, dream of being ~ humble and respectful human communities among many, one humble and respectful species among many.

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This project comes out of Carolyn McDade's Music and resources. After expenses, a portion of the proceeds for My Heart is Moved will be put toward ongoing work for the well-being of Earth.